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Letter: What Republicans want

What do Republicans want? Who will benefit from their desires? Take the issue of health care. Every major nation on earth, except the U.S., has health care for everyone and is cheaper than ours. How can Republicans claim our system is the best?

Do Republicans care for children? Presently Minnesota schools are stressed. Classes and teachers are being cut. Taxes are being raised locally. These people can least afford increases. It's important our children get a broad education. Our nation was founded on a public school system. Look around our area. Note the tiny, rural schools. Decaying remnants of the American dream -- an education for everyone, not just the ruling rich. Public schools decline while Republicans promote charter schools. I understand charter schools screen applicants. Why promote a system not benefiting everyone?

We have a very complex society. How can a complex society be controlled with small government, the Republicans' goal?

Founding Fathers never envisioned a banking system that encouraged unaffordable loans. We need bank oversight. Founding Fathers never envisioned the need for an Environmental Protection Agency. People feel they can do anything they want on their land or public land. Not when it affects others! Someone needs to be in control. We need agencies, rules, and regulations to protect us from greed in every segment of our lives. Small government can't do it!

To my initial question: What do Republicans want and who will benefit? My limited examples illustrate Republicans care only for the rich. The health and education of the common person is unimportant. They want to return to a time where they have control over peasants. It's happening as the gap between the "rich" and the "poor" widens. Republicans are so engrossed in short-term gain they ignore warnings that all is not right with the very environment that has allowed humans to prosper.

What needs to be done to begin a reversal of these dangerous Republican ideas? One thing would be to increase taxes on the richest, back to previous levels. They won't suffer!

Graden West

New London