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Letter: Who does Vogel help?

As a retired nurse, health care is an important issue for me, especially how state laws and budget issues affect our senior and most vulnerable citizens. This is why I am not supporting Bruce Vogel and will vote for Mary Sawatzky. Vogel would do away with funding for nursing care and hope that charity might make up the difference. Does he honestly believe that our churches or other charities could possibly pay for all nursing care in our county?

Vogel voted with his caucus to eliminate the Homestead Tax Credit, which raises property taxes on all of us, including our senior citizens who own their homes. Senior renters were also penalized by cutting Renters Credit. For many seniors whose income is flat, this property tax increase hurts deeply and causes painful budget choices. He voted for nursing home cuts, which would have resulted in further erosion of care to our seniors. Luckily the cuts were vetoed by Governor Dayton.

I don't understand his willingness to make life more difficult for seniors and then be obligated to large corporations. He actually voted to cut taxes for them. That's right, while at the same time he supported cuts that would hurt senior citizens in Kandiyohi County by taking away their Homestead Credit he was perfectly willing to provide more to large corporations, most of which are in the cities. It makes me wonder who he believes he is representing.

Mary Sawatzky will represent our county and won't forget about the most vulnerable. Let's use her energy for our common good and willingness to compromise when necessary.

Marlyce Habben