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Letter: Who's the real conservative?

Webster's 10th Dictionary defines "conservative" as "a cautious or discreet person."

So, who is the real conservative in our presidential race?

Sen. John McCain just picked a person who has absolutely no foreign policy experience.

Sen. Barack Obama has picked a person who has been in the United States Senate for 35 years, has been on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee for many years and has been chairman of that committee for several years.

Eight of our last 43 presidents have died while in office. John McCain is 72 years old and has had cancer four times.

Have the Republicans been cautious and discreet concerning our spending policies? How about our environmental policies? Does global warming even exist for them?

I could go to bed comfortably knowing that Sarah Palin is governor of Alaska or even prime minister of Denmark, but I really don't want her on the job training with nuclear weapons in her hand. We have had eight years to watch our current president do on-the-job training.

It does matter. Many times I have stopped at Fairview Cemetery to pay my respects to Josh Schmit and Kyle Miller. They were both fine young men, and I had a chance to know both of them when they were on this earth. They were our first casualties in the Iraq war. Do we want a woman who looks like she belongs in the PTA running our military?

People say that Barack Obama has no foreign policy experience, but he has been in the United States Senate for four years. Obama is at present on the Foreign Relations Committee (along with Joe Biden). He has sense enough to pick Joe Biden as his running mate. Looking at the above definition of a "conservative" as a "cautious or discreet person," I believe that Barrack Obama is the real conservative in this race.

George Hulstrand, Jr.