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Letter: Why I vote Democrat

Why I, a fiscal conservative, vote Democrat:

Opposition to minimum wage: I believe that prior to passing the increase in the minimum wage, it was frozen for 10 years. This means that every year an employee stuck with a minimum-wage job, that person received a reduction in purchasing power equal to the rise in the consumer price index.

Death tax: Republicans always say they’re going to eliminate the death tax. My question is: Why is this tax worse than other taxes? Although Republicans may argue that it is a duplicate tax, other taxes are also duplicate. In a recent conversation with an estate attorney, I learned that at the federal level a person can give $10 million away without paying any death tax. While Minnesota is more willing to tax inheritance, by creating a trust, the tax can be eliminated at the state level as well.

Reducing expenditures for food stamps. The ag bill was held up because of resistance to cutting food stamps. It has been written that poor people who are fed refuse to perform the low-paying unpleasant jobs that exist. While there is truth in that statement, I believe that higher pay for low-paying jobs at the expense of profit would be a better incentive for people to perform undesirable work.

Wanting to shrink government employment to nothing. I have worked in both the public and private sector. If the function being performed is necessary, why is it so terrible if government employees are paid more generously for the same type of work? Some people dislike this because they are simply jealous.

Opposition to Obamacare: While I would have chosen a system like Canada’s, I find the total opposition to Obamacare to be misguided. A friend of mine had a daughter who took a clerical job paying $14 per hour with a private-sector employer. That employer gave her an insurance policy requiring her to pay out $7,000 before insurance would kick in. How many $14-per-hour employees have $7,000 lying around? She applied for Obamacare and although she has co-pays, her insurance payments are triggered immediately.

Lowell Haugen