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Letter: Why we need conservatives

Graden West (Public Forum, Feb. 28) has just exhibited a trait that is causing polarization of the masses. It is haughtiness.

He demands we thank the liberals. I agree. But let's put everything in perspective.

Liberals are a compassionate breed and that is a good thing. The American people can be proud that our ancestors, and we as well, have always reached out to others.

It is liberal thinking, however, that birthed such slogans as "I'm OK, you're OK", "I deserve it," "Looking out for No. 1," "If it feels good, do it." While attaining all their wonderfulness, they have created a permissiveness and dismissiveness that is causing dangerous depths of weakness. They are the party of yes that has caused a softness of underbelly that needs to be corrected.

The conservatives have always been the ones to say no to too much. They are the ones that provide practicality and common sense.

You know, Graden, we need each other. Unbridled consumption needs to be tempered with discretion. Shortsightedness needs to be overcome by responsibility. We have to discontinue taking more than we are giving.

You don't have to thank us, Mr. West. We are used to being accused of being the bad guys. We know someone has to keep an eye on the bank balance. We aren't pretty, but we are stable.

Jon Devenport