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Letter: Willmar City Council made wise decision

The final report from the Brimeyer Furman Consultants perpetuated a healthy dialogue during the Willmar City Council organizational meeting and the democratic outcome best serves Willmar’s citizens and staff. To fill the vacancies, a civil engineer, assistant engineer, and survey technician will be hired. The city administrator was directed to start a discussion with the Municipal Utilities Commission about sharing a human resource director with the city. We are moving ahead.

Thank you, Councilmen Christianson, Ahmann, Dokken, Johnson, and Fagerlie for doing what you were elected to do by representing the majority of our community, not just 12 citizens and 25 people from the business, Hispanic and Somali communities that were selected out of approximately 20,000 residents to participate in the Brimeyer Fursman individual external interviews and 76 people who filled out their online survey.

Before blindly moving forward as Chamber of Commerce President Ken Warner and his Moving Willmar Forward group expects of our city council, you looked in the rearview mirror as our country’s great leaders have done. History, good or bad, guides our strategies to safely move ahead. Before looking out the windshield, you made a wise decision by washing off the West Central Tribune dirt and splattered Moving Willmar Forward bugs to clearly see the roads ahead. To determine what path to follow, you asked reasonable questions, compared the recommendations to our current organization, acknowledged that pertinent information was lacking and weighed the ultimate risks. You did the right thing, setting policy that continues to deliver services effectively and cost-efficiently to our community with transparency and accountability.

Your bravery was illustrated by rising above the foolish name-calling and false allegations and making the best decision for our community as a whole. Thank you for serving us honorably!

JoAnn Olson