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Letter: Willmar has progress

In the midst of what some refer to as negative publicity I want to say "thank you" to the West Central Tribune for the almost complete coverage of city affairs.

Viewing matters from my perspective, I urge Willmarites to look at the facts and you will be able to feel better. And, like me, thank your City Council and city staff for the great progress we are making.

The economic vitality of our community is much we can be thankful for and it is a driving force behind our low unemployment and growing economic base.

Our Economic Development Commission, the Housing and Redevelopment Agency, MinnWest Campus, and the regional medical complex are only a few mentions deserving your praise.

With or without flowers downtown, we can be proud of our city and the many folks who make it so vibrant. I urge you to keep in mind, things may not be what they sound like, they are much better.

Mayor Frank Yanish