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Letter: Willmar Mayor Frank Yanish should resign

An open letter to Willmar Mayor Frank Yanish.

Mr. Mayor, you may continue to embarrass yourself with your actions and words, but now you have gone so far as to embarrass those who supported your candidacy for the office of the mayor of Willmar.

You state in your latest letter to the citizens that you “were elected to rein in the spending in Willmar City Government.”

You and I both know this is not true.

Never during your candidacy for office did the spending of the City of Willmar ever become an issue. The main issue was transparency and the lack of it under the previous administration and council.

Now you have also stooped to that level of not being transparent.

Your most recent actions concerning the city budget and your lack of being able to respond to questions concerning your cuts is truly embarrassing. You cannot or will not defend your positions, but continue to throw the issues back to the council members.

Mr. Mayor, they want to work with you and give you the benefit of the doubt, but you make it very hard when you can’t defend or explain any of your cuts.

You have to be man enough to admit that what you are proposing as “your“ budget is nothing but getting back at those whom you do not have a positive relationship with. Namely the city administrator Ms. Charlene Stevens, whom like it or not has much more experience and is able to articulate her positions on the budget.

Your budget is not backed up with one shred of evidence as to why this or that should be cut.

Your budget is not balanced.

You stated you worked through this budget with a “fine tooth comb.” Are you sure it wasn’t a pitchfork?

You are an embarrassment to me. I’m sure several others who worked diligently to have you elected mayor of the city of Willmar are also embarrassed.

As a Willmar property owner, I would suggest that you seriously give thought to resigning your position as mayor of the city of Willmar. You should put the good of Willmar first and the hurt feelings of Frank Yanish last.

John L. Sullivan

Spearfish, S.D.