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Letter: Willmar Schools don't deserve bashing

I am a daily reader of the Tribune and have been reading the articles and letters to the editor related to school lunches.

As a parent and business person in this community, I felt compelled to speak out in support of our school administrators and employees. I don’t feel they deserve to be called bullies and moral midgets.

I have a great deal of empathy for the students that meals are taken from. However, I also have a great deal of empathy for the food service workers who are following the guidelines they are given. I cannot imagine how guilty that person must feel.

But let’s be adults and realistic — this is their job and the person that we should be talking about is the parent who is putting their child in that position. If you are not able to afford the meals, reach out and ask for help — talk to the school and make it work.

Free and reduced lunches are available — in fact, 42 percent of our Willmar students are enrolled in this program. It appears everyone jumped to the conclusion the school administrators are not working with families.

If the school policy regarding notification and follow-up to make sure accounts are funded needs to be addressed, let’s have faith in the school district that this is happening and not just jump to the conclusion that they are unsympathetic oafs who do not care about our students.

Kelly O’Farrell