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Letter: Willmar should redefine city administrator’s role

Well, well, well. A consultant that we really didn’t need says the Willmar City Council is dysfunctional. Our local newspaper editor told us that many, many months ago.

Rather than argue the point, why don’t we try to figure where the problem is? What brought us to this point?

One man’s opinion (mine) is that the City Council is at fault. But I’m not talking about the current City Council; I’m talking about the City Council of about 20 years ago. That’s about when they bought hook, line and sinker a proposal to have a city administrator who would relieve the council some of its duties; such as interviewing candidates for department head positions, and maybe even negotiating their salary and benefit packages; and hiring them.

As I see it, the administrator’s duties expanded over the years to the point that the administrator(s) became both power hungry and money hungry, and were allowed to make decisions that rightly belong to the council.

As a longtime Willmar taxpayer, I think it’s time for the current council to take the bull by the horns and mandate that the Charter Commission rewrite the duties of a city administrator, making it clear that the council is in charge of running the city’s business (as they were elected to do) and make the administrator’s position an advisory one only. The administrator should be carrying out duties authorized and mandated by the council; nothing more, nothing less.

Based on some elections the past few years, I’d say the public is disgusted with the attitude of some public officials, and have acted accordingly in electing new people.

While I’m writing, I’d be remiss if I didn’t thank residents from the area who have said thanks to our new mayor for standing up for what he believes in; namely holding the line on unnecessary spending; to which I say amen.