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Letter: The wisdom of Leviticus

Thanks to the Norbies (Public Forum, June 17), I am once again reminded of the one verse of Leviticus naming one of the abominations. I should try harder to remember it. They are correct in reminding us that we choose to not follow much of the strictures of these Scriptures as what to eat, how to kill a bullock, and even how to sprinkle the blood of that bullock in the tabernacle. Less said, the better.

Deuteronomy goes on more about farming, but I’m not sure any of our farmers wish to leave their acreage fallow on the seventh year, nor to share that acreage with the rest of us on the 50th jubilee year. I notice that they never use an ox and a donkey paired together for field work. That probably explains why farmers in our area decide early to farm either with Red or Green, and that’s that!

Deuteronomy also has some rules about stoning fornicators, but I don’t want that to happen as our rural populations are already meager.

Leviticus, on the other hand, goes on for pages about leprosy and is specific about diagnosing and treating scale. I read what I could find in my books and also came upon the word scurf. After some thought, I would suggest that you buy a dandruff shampoo, but the dermatologists at ACMC are excellent sources of information.

I love the West Central Tribune’s letters. We may have differing opinions, yet we live quite peacefully. God bless America!

Darlene Martinson Ross