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Letter: Wolf extinction is forever

Many Minnesotans may know that the gray wolf was recently taken off of the endangered species list, and that unfortunately we’ve already had two wolf hunting and trapping seasons.

Folks may also have heard about the Isle Royale wolf that was recently found dead after being shot with a pellet gun.

But many Minnesotans may not know that people still frequently kill wolves.

Human-caused deaths are not tracked or studied by our DNR. But it is these deaths that have caused many species of wolves to go completely extinct; gone forever from earth. Minnesota’s gray wolf was on the endangered species list for many years. Even though the gray wolf went extinct in the rest of the continental United States, our gray wolf is still here.

I’m glad our wolves made a comeback, but our overall understanding of wolves in Minnesota is slim at best.

Instead of taking our time and doing even a baseline survey when the wolf lost federal protection, the DNR rushed through two wolf hunting and trapping seasons.

I’m writing to urge our elected officials and my community to learn more about the facts and the issues of the wolf hunt. It’s unnecessary. It’s unpopular. And it should be stopped.

Jacob Westlie