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Letter: Wonderful people in Spicer

This past Sunday is the second time I’ve run the Green Lake Road Race.

Once again, I was incredibly impressed by the city of Spicer.

Running 12 miles around the lake in the heat isn’t fun at all points in the race. Thanks to those that had their sprinklers on that day that offered a refreshing cooldown. In addition, the people standing or sitting along the side of the road, those passing out water at stops, and those biking or roller-blading around the course are so motivating.

The ringing cowbells, clapping, and inspiring words mean a lot to a tired runner. I also enjoy yelling things to these spectators such as, “Hey, you’re sitting in my lawn chair! I’ll be back for it,” and asking the child passing by on the bicycle how much he/she wants for the bike.

The spectators make the race fun. It has become my favorite race. Thanks to the community of Spicer. You not only have a beautiful community, but you have beautiful people to go along with it.

Julie Meyer, Watkins