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Letter: Yanish will bring new vision

Frank Yanish -- wow -- a successful businessman who is ready to take on the huge challenge of becoming the mayor of the city of Willmar. Frank is a positive, upbeat, ready-for-change person. He sees the good in the city and sees the areas that need change.

Frank will work for fixing the quiet zones now. Tackling the stormwater issues in a positive way.

Frank will make communication open and transparent in the city of Willmar. Pushing for audio or videotaping of all city meetings.

Frank believes that all residents in Willmar should be treated equal.

Frank has spent time getting to know the issues facing the city by meeting with city residents, city leaders and city staff. Taking the time to listen to concerned residents and always providing citizens a way to contact him.

As Frank's motto states: new leadership, new vision.

Get out and vote on Nov. 2.

Laura Becker