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Letter: Yes, Jesus loved the liberals

You can't argue with the religious right if you are a Biblical literalist.

The Book of Leviticus plainly states that gays and lesbians are an abomination in the sight of the Lord and they should be put to death! I have never understood, however, why they draw back at the last part of Jehovah's command.

Also anti-abortionists proclaim loudly that abortion is murder, but they do not demand the death penalty or life imprisonment of the mother for her crime or even for the abortionist. 'Tis a puzzlement!

As a Biblical literalist then one would have to admit from all evidence in the New Testament that Jesus loves liberals. The Sermon on the Mount reads almost like a socialist manifesto. Christ's entire concern was for the poor and the destitute and he railed against the rich and the powerful who served Mammon and their pocketbooks instead of practicing agape love, even saying that if your enemy hungers -- feed him.

His Gospel is all about the common good and not the rugged individualism and unbridled capitalism expressed by many so-called Christians today. But why not just read the New Testament for yourself and make up your own mind? I'm convinced that as a practicing Christian I must take my politics from the teachings of Christ and not Rush Limbaugh or Glenn Beck. I fail to recognize them as models for my life as a follower of the way.

Lee Paulson