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Letter: Yes, Willmar has a problem

I’m a resident of Willmar and concerned with the squabbles and actions of our City Council. Willmar does have a problem. Those who not see it must be wearing colored glasses.

These squabbles like the following do not help the image of Willmar.

* We don’t have a problem. Private political advisers and secret meetings behind closed doors.

* Let’s not put law changes in the West Central Tribune, only on the Internet. Is that because the West Central Tribune did not endorse you? Not everyone has a computer.

* Source it out — then maybe we won’t have to take the responsibility for it. (You should read Sam Walton’s book regarding responsibility.)

* Cut out training and certification? You will do the training and micromanage the staff.

* If you’re in over your head, say it. Don’t cop out and say, “I’m just a country boy.”

* What do women know? You would be surprised what they know.

* Think you are better than the professionals that you hire? You just threw away $25,000.

If you were in the corporate world most of you would have been fired long ago. The future of Willmar is in your hands, I’m sad to say.

You hire good people, such as Charlene Stevens, but then it seems you fight her all the time. Put the Good Old Boys club to bed. This is a changing world. Do you take time to thank your employees or are they just overpaid workers in your minds?

For the future of Willmar, please put aside your own agendas and squabbles and work together for a better Willmar. You can’t create the future by clinging to the past.

Let’s stop the comedy show — this is what many in this community call the council meeting broadcast.

“What you see is what you get” should not be the motto of Willmar. Don’t blame. You are each responsible for your own actions. Just remember you are accountable to the residents of Willmar. I hope the council would think about what has been said.

Betty Knutson