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Letters: jobs bill another scandal?

When former Pres. Nixon's operatives were caught breaking into the Watergate complex in Washington, the scandal that followed (Watergate) eventually brought down his presidency.

We are now witnessing a whole raft of scandals that involve the Obama administration.

One, is the fast and furious program known as "Project Gun Runner", that allowed firearms to literally walk across the US-Mexican border. We have also seen one of Obama's poster child companies (Solyndra) one of his "Green Energy" favorites, blow $500,000,000 of taxpayer's money from a previous stimulus program. Another fiasco to add to the list involves a company called LightSquared. They stand accused of trying to pressure an Air Force General to alter his testimony before a House Armed Services Subcommittee.

What do all of these scandals have in common? They serve to illustrate how corrupt this administration has become, that they have no regard for the rule of law, (example, fast and furious), and show very little regard for our military. LightSquared technology could interfere with the GPS signals that are now being used by our military.

By researching past newspaper articles, I'm sure there are several other stories that could be added to the list of scandals. We've also heard Obama say several times that he was not going to rest until he got America back to work. After returning from his last vacation, he made a speech to Congress to lay out his plan to get America back to work. At the very least it's nothing more than another failed stimulus bill to the tune of $500 billion dollars.

With the prospect of a $1.5 trillion tax increase, he even said that raising taxes during a recession is not the thing to do. I guess he assumes that if we love him we are supposed to tell our congressmen to vote for his jobs bill. Only a narcissist would make a statement like that.

I wonder which of these problems will bring down the Obama Administration, because voters have grown tired of hearing his do nothing rhetoric. Personally, I can't wait for the 2012 elections.

Earl Pederson