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Letters: The kids are all right

In response to the letter by Lowell Tieszen from Raymond (Public Forum, Oct. 29): In your letter you refer to news stories regarding the murder and rape of little girls.

Then, to cap it all off, you mention a poster for "Drag Me To Hell" at the local library. The poster portrays a young woman trying to reach beyond the grasp of demons. The movie was chosen by the Willmar teen advisory board.

Your last line was a doozy, "Sometimes the sickness is closer to home than we think."

Oh, please. To quote Sesame Street, "Which one of these just doesn't belong?" Rape. Murder. And PG-13 movie. Go ahead, I can wait. OK, put down your pencil.

Have you seen the movie? "Drag Me To Hell" (yes, the name makes me wince, and I like some horror films) is a slapsticky, horrific cautionary tale. The message? Be nice to other people, or you will pay. I tell ya, this female lead kicks butt. Just like the women do in "Aliens," "The Ring," "Resident Evil" and others. If I was trapped on a scary planet, I would like a youngish, plucky heroine who is much tougher than me. If these movies are any indication, she's my best bet. Now, there is a lot of terrible junk out there too. Saw "Friday the 13th," "Halloween," etc. Not worth watching. But, that's me.

I think one needs to be careful when trying to tie the work of the teen advisory board with violence against women. Let's spend time discussing societal problems that are a bit more tangible in the real world. Like booze abuse, drugs, domestic violence, and poverty. Let's leave the kids alone, Lowell. OK? The kids are all right.

Steve Roisum

LaCrosse, Wis.