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Litchfield, Minn., Cenex offering 85 cents off E85 blends

LITCHFIELD -- Consumer's Co-op Cenex in Litchfield will discount the price of its E85 fuel by 85 cents per gallon from 2 to 5 p.m. Thursday.

The station will offer discounts on its other ethanol blend fuels: 50 cents per gallon for E50, 30 cents per gallon for E30 and 20 cents per gallon for E20. All of the discounted fuels are for use in flex fuel vehicles only, and there is a 25 gallon limit per flex fuel vehicle during the promotion.

The co-op is located at 1025 Frontage Road in Litchfield.

Supporters of the promotion include the Meeker County Corn Growers, Minnesota Corn Growers Association, the American Lung Association in Minnesota and the Minnesota Clean Air Choice Team.

"Many of the motorists on their way to the 'Jam the Stands' race at KRA Speedway in Willmar drive flex fuel vehicles, and we expect many will stop to fill their tank in Litchfield," said Robert Moffitt in a news release. Moffitt is a spokesman for the American Lung Association in Minnesota.

"Using E85 instead of gasoline helps to reduce tailpipe emissions that contribute to poor air quality and respiratory illness," Moffitt said in the release.

"It's also a locally produced fuel we don't have to import."

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