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A man-made dairy crisis

The current dairy price crisis is a man-made event. Don't kid yourself into believing some of the hype corporate-America lovers are trying to sell you.

Does it make sense for large dairy companies to undercut U.S. producers by importing cheap milk protein concentrates from foreign countries and then using that instead of domestic milk?

Does it make sense that consumers are paying the same price for milk in the stores that they were last winter, while farmers' prices fell 30 percent just in the month of January?

Milk is one of the most wholesome, nutritious items you can have for your family, providing proteins, calcium, and other necessary minerals that keep your body in top form.

Is this a grocery item that we want to rely on foreign countries to provide us? Make no mistake -- large dairies and small dairies alike are in trouble. We are losing our domestic ability to produce dairy products.

Recall $4 gas in 2008, and recall what it did to our economy. Now imagine $6 or $8 or $10 a gallon milk.

Here's what most of our media is not telling you: In August 2006, career professionals from the U.S. Department of Justice concluded a two-year investigation into the dairy industry and recommended action against Dean Foods, Dairy Farmers of America, and National Dairy Holdings, according to Vermont U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders.

Well, folks, fancy this one: The Bush administration did not pursue an indictment of the companies.

Oh boy, a second shock -- Dean Foods was intimately connected to the Bush administration, during which the antitrust wing of the DOJ rubber-stamped virtually everything Dean Foods asked for.

We see today the love Bush had for farmers play out in brutal, deplorable fashion.

Randy O. Olson