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Motorsports: Haben, Sabranski multiple winners at KRA Speedway

Tribune photo by Rand Middleton Close encounters in the third corner at the fairground's track in Willmar on Saturday during Heat 1 of the Midwest Modifieds on Day II of the KRA Fall Festival involves Josh Roggatz of Montevideo, Peewee Kuhnau (99jr) of Litchfield and Brian Haben (6) of Holloway. Haben won the feature each night.

WILLMAR -- Brian Haben in Midwest Modifieds and Shane Sabraski in the Modified class were each double winners at the KRA Speedway Falls Festival

Sabraski, from Rice, also picked up a third trophy winning the Super Stock feature on Friday on the fairground's three-eighths mile oval.

Haben, who farms near Holloway with his father, is third in Wissota National Points. Sabraski leads the Super Stock chase which concludes after two more weekends.

Don Eischens of Richmond finished second to Sabraski both nights in the Modified main.

In the Mod-4, Josh Abrahamson led a 1-2-3 sweep by Moorhead area drivers on Saturday.

Jordan Tollakson of Montevideo outraced Mike Jans of Marshall to the checkered in the Street Stock final on Saturday.

In Hobby Stock, it was Nick Simar on Friday and Mike Flickinger on Saturday to the winner's circle.

The races drew 93 cars Friday and 96 on Saturday, despite competing events in Menomonie, Wis., and Grand Rapids.

Fall Festival

Result Friday (93 cars)

MIDWEST MODIFIEDS -- Feature: 1. Brian Haben, Holloway 2. Denis Czech, Sauk Rapids 3. Jon Olmscheid, Elrosa 4. Shane Sabraski, Rice 5. Randy Laage, Brooten 6. Josh Roggatz, Montevideo 7. Jason Vejtruba, Atwater 8. Andrew Schuelke, Howard Lake 9. Kurt Deters, Sauk Centre 10. Ben Godbee, Pennock 11. Shawn Fernkes, Pennock 12. Peewee Kuhnau, Litchfield 13. Dustin Bluhm, Clara City 14. Ryan Bratz, Litchfield 15. Wade Skindelien, New London 16. Dustin Auld, Greenfield 17. Blake Swenson, Watertown, SD

MODIFIEDS -- Feature: 1. Shane Sabraski, Rice 2. Don Eischens, Richmond 3. Zach Schultz, Grove City 4. Matt Gilberrtson, Montevideo 5. Curt Lund, Redwood Falls 6. Brandon Nelson, New London 7. J.T. Johnson, Milaca 8. Kent Willms, Willmar 9. Randy Vanklompenburg, Willmar 10. Curtis Newberg, Willmar 11. Jason McCoy, Lake Lillian 12. Jim Nystrom, Litchfield 13. Tom Silver, Glenwood.

MOD-FOURS -- Feature: 1. Rob Vanmil, Barnsville 2. Josh Abrahamson, Moorhead 3. Jamie Flickinger, New London 4. Corry Vamil, Lake Park 5. Dustin Zieske, Willmar 6. Dean Larson, Penncok 7. Tom Sabraski, Rice 8. Tyler Larson, Pennock 9. Tom Bawden, St. Cloud 10. Justin Smith, Montevideo 11. Adam Olson, Willmar 12. Ryan Buer, Willmar 13. Stephan Walentiny, Sauk Rapids 14. Brian Oehlert, Carlos 15. Mike Hart, New York Mills 16. Tim Hart, Pelican Rapids 17. Aaron Wetterlin, Moorhead

SUPER STOCK -- Feature: 1. Shane Sabraski, Rice 2. Dan Gullikson, Stacy 3. Tim Johnson, Brainerd 4. Jeff Flaten, Hancock 5. Steve Weber, Big Stone, SD 6. Dexton Koch, Rice 7. Alan Johnson, Osakis 8. Travis Forcier, Darwin 9. Bruce Laabs, Grove City 10. Gary Husmann, Litchfield 11. Cory Tammen, Fargo ND

STREET STOCK -- Feature: 1. Brad Schmidt, Elk River 2. Mike Jans, Marshall 3. Adam Burrows, Belgrade 4. Jordan Tollakson, Montevideo 5. Darrin Landmark, Montevideo 6. Justin Vogel, Brooten (7) Josh Fredeen, Willmar 8. Justin Tammen, Clara City 9. Kevin Schmidt, Elk River 10. Justin Pogones, Elk River 11. Josh Laney, South Haven 12. Jim Geringer, Harwood 13. Jake Huston, Benson 14. Jake Knapper, Montevideo 15. Tiffany Maus-Krippner 16. Josh Kern, Watkins 17. Doug Groenhoff, Canby 18. Adam Prieve, Litchfield 19. Kurt Becken, Otsego 20. Ryan Satter, Dent 21. Andrew Hedtke, Grove City 22. Scott Stafford, Grove City 23. Rick Nelson, Litchfield

HOBBY STOCK -- Feature: (1) Nick Simar, Willmar (2) Adam Thompson, Willmar (3) Josh Dragt, Willmar (4) Taylor Willms, Willmar (5) Jed Muller, Willmar (6) Corey Pourrier, Erhard (7) Matt Everts, St. Cloud (8) Mike Weiland, Kerkhoven (9) Denny Johnson, Madelia (10) Cody Buchheit, St. Joseph (11) Forest Foster, Pennock (12) Keith Thell, Foley (13) Chris Isdal, Spicer (14) Mike Hart, New York Mills

Result Saturday

Result Friday (96 cars)

MIDWEST MODIFIEDS -- Feature: 1. Brian Haben, Holloway 2. Denis Czech, Sauk Rapids 3. Shane Sbraski, Rice 4. Dustin Bluhm, Clara City 5. Josh Roggatz, Montevideo 6. Ben Godbee, Pennock 7. Shawn Fernkes, Pennock 8. Blake Swenson, Watertown, SD 9. Charlie Zander, Howard Lake 10. Wade Skindelien, New London 11. Peewee Kuhnau, Litchfield 12. Ryan Bratz, Litchield 13. Andrew Schuelke, Howard Lake 14. Jason Vejtruba, Atwater

MODIFIEDS -- Feature: 1. Shane Sabraski, Rice 2. Don Eischens,Richmond 3. Curt Lund, Redwood Falls 4. Brandon Nelson, New London 5. Zach Schultz, Grove City 6. Curtis Newberg, Willmar 7. Phil Braun, Danube 8. Randy Vanklompenburg, Willmar 9. Jim Nystrom, Litchfield 10. Kent Willms, Willmar 11. Jason McCoy, Lake Lillian 12. Tom Silver, Glenwood 13. Terry Marten, Sauk Centre

MOD-FOURS -- Feature: 1. Josh Abrahamson, Moorhead 2. Rob Vanmil, Barnsville 3. Corry Vanmil, Lake Park 4. Dustin Zieske, Willmar 5. Bryce Bjerken, Felton 6. Tom Sabraski, Rice 7. Jamie Flickinger, New London 8. Dean Larson, Pennock a9. Tyler Larson, Pennock 10. Dwight Gilyard, St. Cloud 11. Justin Smith, Montevideo 12. Ryan Buer, Willmar 13. Adam Olson, Willmar 14. Aaron Wetterlin, Moorhead 15. Tim Hart, Pelican Rapids 16. Mike Hart, New York Mills (17) Brian Oehlert, Carlos 18. Thomas Bawden, St. Cloud.

SUPER STOCK -- Feature: 1. Tim Johnson, Brainerd 2. Dan Gullikson, Stacy 3. Cory Tammen, Fargo, ND 4. Shane Sabraski, Rice 5. Jeff Flaten, Hancock 6. Gary Husmann, Litchfield 7. Adam Ayotte, St. Paul 8. Steve Weber, Big Stone, SD 9. Rocky Yeats, Alexandria 10. Deston Koch, Rice 11. Travis Forcier, Darwin 12. Alan Johnson, Osakis

STREET STOCK -- Feature: 1. Jordan Tollakson, Montevideo 2. Mike Jans, Marshall 3. Jake Huston, Benson 4. Mark Blom, Glenwood 5. Josh Fredeen, Willmar 6. Cody Kummer, Medford, Wis 7. Adam Burrows, Belgrade, Montana 8. Kevin Schmidt, Elk River 9. Justin Vogel, Brooten 10. Ryan Satter, Dent 11. Justin Pogones, Elk River 12. Brett Miller, Alexandria 13. Jim Geringer, Harwood, ND 14. Justin Tammen, Clara City 15. Andrew Hedtke, Grove City 16. Kurt Beckern, Otsego 17. Adam Prieve, Litchfield 18. Doug Groenhoff, Canby 19. Brad Schmidt, Elk River 20. Chris Lipinski, Marshall 21. Jake Knapper, Montevideo 22. Chuck Olson, Evansville 23. Josh Laney, South Haven 24. Nick Steinhaus, Litchfield

HOBBY STOCK -- Feature: 1. Mike Flickinger, Kandiyohi 2. Corey Pourrier, Erhard 3. Jed Muller, Willmar 4. Forest Foster, Pennock 5. Nick Simar, Willmar 6. Matt Fester, Atwater 7. Chris Isdal, Spicer 8, Adam Thompson, Willmar 9. Mike Weiland, Kerkhoven 10. Taylor Willms, Willmar 11. Josh Dragt, Willmar 12. Mike Hart, New York Mills 13. Matt Everts, St. Cloud 14. Jeff Ahlquist, Pennock 15. Cody Buchheit, St. Joseph