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Public Forum: The real-life math test

I have a few comments regarding the article in your Dec. 1 edition, "Students and teachers nervous about math test."

Sorry to tell you, kids, but life is full of math tests. Get over it. Or better still, get good at it.

Buying a $40,000 pickup truck on $18-an-hour wages is a math test failed.

Signing up for a $300,000 adjustable rate mortgage and new $30,000 SUV on $25-an-hour wages is a big math test failed.

Buying a home instead of renting when you are not sure how long your job will last is a math test failed.

Going into debt for $120,000 for a college degree in business when everyone else is also doing the same is a math test failed.

A single mom getting pregnant again in today's economic environment is a math test failed.

Good luck.

David Bennett