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Public Forum: Special people at Bethesda

For the past 16 years Bethesda Pleasant View has been home for my mother. She lived in Pleasant View Sunrise Village Independent Living for 15 years, then when she needed additional assistance she moved to assisted living.

This fall she required more care and physical therapy, and thus she now lives at the Pleasant View Nursing Home. In each of these areas she has received loving attention and care from the caregivers and other employees in the facility.

This is a difficult time in life both for people who have to leave their homes to receive the care they require and for their families.

I am very thankful for Bethesda Pleasant View and its staff. They care for the residents' physical, social and spiritual needs. All of these special people are a blessing to my mother and to her family. We have peace of mind knowing that she is receiving such great care in her own home community.

Charis Nordin Jensen