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Social media tips for businesses

With terms such as "tweets," "pins" and "hashtags," learning the vocabulary of social media can be as difficult as learning a foreign language.

For some businesses, the mere thought of jumping into social media can be enough to deter them from the idea. But social media is here to stay, and many agree that it offers certain marketing opportunities that didn't exist 10 years ago.

Here, four area professionals offer their top tips for businesses looking to ramp up their own social media efforts.

1) Know where your audience is. It might not make sense for every small business to be on every channel. Know where you can maximize your results, so that you can achieve whatever goals you've set there. On social media, you need to strategize how you're best going to reach your audience and your community. At the same time, don't be afraid to try different things. You'll never know the potential until you do. -- Chelsea Lund, digital media strategist, Affiliated Community Medical Centers

2) Be consistent. Don't post something today and then wait three weeks to do another one. For example, shoot for posting something every day on Facebook, maybe even at the same time of day, so that people know what to look for. -- Shawn Guetter, regional sales representative, Redwood Metal Works

3) Respond in a timely way to the posts, comments and engagement that you do get on social media. These days, word of mouth is so important. Social media is a tool that intensifies that. If somebody takes the time to ask you a question, answer them. They may then share that with their own network. -- Jean Geselius, marketing coordinator, Conway, Deuth & Schmiesing, PLLP

4) Keep it fun. People look to Facebook and Twitter as diversions from their everyday lives. It's supposed to be relaxing and fun. Positive, enjoyable posts, whether about your business or something in your community, will go much farther. -- Summer O'Neill, director of finance, Corn Capital Innovations

Ashley White

Ashley White is the community content coordinator for the West Central Tribune. Follow her on Twitter @Ashley_WCT.

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