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Teacher is worthy of much gratitude

In regards to the recent article titled “Newcomer students finding their way in Willmar”:

I attest and confirm her “honeybun” personality. Ms. Cathy Nilles is very patient and caring. Her love for her students is endless. I believe she does what she enjoys the most, which is teaching ELL, because this is where she makes the biggest difference. She was my ELL teacher in 2001 and 2002 I had no English whatsoever and I believe she taught me how to count money as well.

I would recognize her for her endless motivation and hard work. I was there once when she cried because I was rude and I know this because I was one of her biggest headaches. She was calm and her love never faded.

As for the ELL students, I will give them one advice and that is, “You will know how precious Ms. Nilles is one day when you know how to count in the real world.”

Thank you, Ms. Cathy Nilles.

Mohamed Sayid