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Tidy Tightwad: Quick tips

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Tidy Tightwad: Quick tips
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* If you buy something, a like item must leave the house

* Deal with mail immediately.

* Let somebody else, like banks, electronically store your information and eliminate paper records

* If you haven't worn clothing for a year and it doesn't have special meaning, donate it

* Drawings from children can be laminated and used as placemats or sent to grandparents

* Be careful when purchasing gifts that don't end up as clutter in someone else's home and ask for gifts that are consumable

* Special T-shirts with school and sports logos can be made into quilts

* Elders should be encouraged to downsize early and give heirlooms to family members who want them

For more tips about simple living and de-cluttering, go to Cindy Haugland's website at