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Two visions for government

We are confronted today with basically two visions of how our federal, state and local level of governments should govern our society. Boiled down, the two visions are: 1) individual freedom with a limited, small, decentralized government and 2) individual freedom with an unlimited, large, centralized government. For our country, this has been going on since the Pilgrims landed and established their first settlements.

Today, we are facing this same philosophical challenge, which is evident in the current debates on health care, education, taxation, banking, energy, housing, environment, labor, business and manufacturing.

It is a proven fact that our Founding Fathers envisioned and designed a system of governance based on vision No. 1. They knew that if vision No. 2 prevailed, the American Dream would fail and our freedoms would be lost to those "elitist, enlightened ones" at the top of the political food chain.

History has proven the results of these two competing visions.

Vision two is easier proven because it has been the dominant form of governance in the history of man. Proven historical examples of vision two are kings/queens and emperors, feudalism, the Dark Ages religious dominance, and most recently in Marxism, socialism, communism and the terrorism of religious zealotry we are currently protecting our citizens from in the Middle East.

Vision one really only flourished for the first time in history on this continent with the creation of our country.

If we can learn from history, our guiding principles should lead us to electing people who have vision No. 1. The direction we as Americans have been going for the past century is the direction of No. 2. History has proven to us that vision No. 2 does not lead to more freedom, but to less freedom. Elections matter. When you vote, are the basic principles of the politicians' vision one or vision two? Hopefully they are vision No. 1. Currently, it looks like there are more in offices with vision two rather than vision one. Not a good thing for free citizens of this country!

Richard Jenny