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Update: Video of statements at the Willmar MUC meeting Monday

Willmar Municipal Utilities General Manager Bruce Gomm addressed the Commission Monday during consideration of the investigative report of his performance.

Here are various videos from the Willmar Municipal Utilities Commission meeting Monday at which the commission approved a resolution calling for the termination with cause for General Manager Bruce Gomm's contract, effective March 28.

The commission also approved a motions to extend Gomm's paid administrative leave another 30 days and to give Gomm a letter of 30-day notice of the termination of his contract.

MUC Video 1: Dave Baker opening comments

MUC Video 2: Bruce Gomm statement

MUC Video 3: Matt Schrupp statement

MUC Video 4: Carol Laumer statement

MUC Video 5: Dan Holtz statement

MUC Video 6: Jerry Gesch statement

MUC Video 7: Doug Lindblad statement

MUC Video 8: Steve Salzer statement

MUC Video 9: Dave Baker statement

MUC Video 10: Termination decisions

MUC Video 11: Meeting closing statement