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We treasure freedom, liberty

The people rising up against the Obama administration policies are being ridiculed, called names and accused of being racists, members of organized mobs, violent extremists and even Nazis by Obama's minions. In reality these people like me -- people who have never spoken out or been politically active before -- we treasure freedom and liberty. As a veteran I took an oath to protect and defend this nation from enemies foreign and domestic. We are trying to defend our country and the Constitution which is under assault by the left.

We are angry about spending trillions of dollars on bailouts to the limousine liberals, the "stimulus" payoffs to the leftist special interest groups like ACORN, quadrupling the deficit with the $4 trillion budget and now the move to completely take over our healthcare system. We won't take it anymore.

For those of you who need a history lesson, the Constitution was written to protect the citizens from government. It puts very strict limits on the federal government's involvement in our lives. Get a copy and read it. The federal government has no Constitutional authority to redistribute income or force citizens to buy anything. When people need help, we as individuals need to, as many of us already do, help our neighbors, family and friends.

As for calling us Nazis -- the Nazi party was the National Socialist party. It took over Germany's financial industry, auto industry and healthcare industry. It also consolidated power in the executive branch. Perhaps those calling us Nazis should look for the swastikas on their own sleeves.

Obama said that we should judge him by the people he surrounds himself with. I suggest you check out the background and policy positions of Obama's czars and advisers like John Holdren, Ezekiel Emanuel, Carole Browner, Van Jones and the rest.

Steve Kirtz