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Willmar Coin Laundry provides same-day laundry service, installs efficient machines

Willmar Coin Laundry owner Myron Krupa takes a sleeping bag out of one of the large dryers in his business. He has recently added more efficient washers and a drop-off laundry service. (Tribune photo by Linda Vanderwerf)

WILLMAR -- The sign advertises: "Have your laundry done in 4 minutes."

It's owner Myron Krupa's way of telling people about the new same day drop-off laundry service he's offering at Willmar Coin Laundry -- it takes two minutes to drop off the laundry and another two minutes to pick it up.

The wash-dry-fold service is the latest in several improvements Krupa has made at the business.

Last summer, he added a half dozen front-loading Maytag washers that use 14 gallons of water per load, compared to the 42 gallons used by a top loading machine. The machines have already had an impact on the business's water and sewer bills.

That's not all. "They're a quieter machine," he said. They also use less detergent and clean better. And they spin faster, which reduces drying time.

"There's just a world of advantages to them," he said.

Krupa said tax incentives have helped him make the switch to more "green" washers over time, and the technology continues to improve. The business only has a few top-loading washers still in service.

About a year ago, he added several washers that can wash eight loads at once, up to 90 pounds of laundry.

"They have been very well received for bedspreads, blankets and comforters," he said. Somali customers use them to wash their prayer rugs. He also has extra-large dryers.

He also has a pet wash in a small separate room. "I tell the guys at the VFW, if they think they're going to be in the dog house when they get home, they better come by and get washed up first," he joked.

Krupa has also started a punch card system for his regular customers. They get one punch for every load they wash, and after 16 loads, he gives them $2 to help do laundry.

The laundry service will take "anything you want to drop off," he said. He'll do sheets and blankets, bedspreads and clothes.

He just started the laundry service in the past two weeks, and he's hoping it will take off.

For now, the laundry is folded, he said. Eventually, he hopes to add ironing to the service.

The laundry service is available seven days a week from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday, and from noon to 6 p.m. Saturday and Sunday.

Some railroad crews have already taken advantage of the service, he said, and it could be for "pretty much anybody who doesn't like doing laundry."

Krupa has also started selling large laundry bags to his customers, and he's sold more than 250 so far.

He saw many people bring their dirty clothes in garbage bags, and then put their bags back into the same bags to take home.

With the durable laundry bags, he said, they can bring their clothes in, wash the bag with their clothes," so they have clean clothes and something clean to put their clothes back into."

Krupa has owned the business for five years, and he expanded it and moved into a new building three years ago.

Willmar Coin Laundry is located at 1402 Highway 12 E. in Willmar. The website is www.

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