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Minnesota Misery: Vikings dominated by Eagles in NFC Championship game

'I Love Minnesota' and you will, too!

Charles Oakes collects seed caps in a scene from "I Love Minnesota." (Tribune photo by Ron Adams)

If you love hotdish or have ever crashed a quilting club, then New London's Little Theatre has a show for you!

Entertaining from the first scene to the last, "I Love Minnesota" is an original production by Tim Miller and Christopher McAninch, presented by the nonprofit Peer None Players: Abigail Duly, Deb Nelson, Charles Oakes and Bryan Orson.

The charming comedy in two acts opened last night at the Little Theatre in New London and runs through Sunday -- just in time for those romantic Valentine's Day dates.

So ladies, grab your fellas...

Guys, grab your gals ... and head on down the road for a hearty helping of hometown humor this holiday weekend! Bickering old bitties and hallucinogenic housewives join forces with the Tooth Fairy and the town gossip in this entertaining romp through the somewhat mundane but ever-endearing Minnesotan experience.

And as their name promises, there simply is no equal to the Peer None Players. Multi-cast in an endless array of endearing small-town characters, the fantastic four don a variety of colorful costumes by Becky West while astounding audiences with their impressive theatrical talents.

"I Love Minnesota" playfully pokes fun at the little Lutheran inside us all while managing still to showcase the consistently high quality of life enjoyed by all of us in this Loon-lovin' state. Between sketches, various hotdish haiku voiceovers -- delivered by the smooth-talkin' Mark James of 94.1, The Loon -- pack poignant puns and amusing anecdotes to delight the audience during scene changes.

Flawless lights and sound by Elizabeth Adamski compliment the comedy under the production of Louise Mack, who also serves as props master.

And under the direction of co-writer McAninch, the four-member cast really steps up to the plate to present a warmhearted portrait of life in the land of 10,000 lakes. Duly, Nelson, Oakes and Orson truly shine from one scene to the next. Catch a performance of "I Love Minnesota!" this weekend -- and you'll love it, too!

 Jennifer K. Oakes received a bachelor's degree in 2006 from St. Cloud State University, where she studied English and theater. She spent two years working with the Fire Mountain Arts Council and Roxy Theater in Morton, Wash.