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'Prairie Yard and Garden'

A filming crew for Pioneer Public Telvision's "Prairie Yard and Garden" shoots footage of Donna Middleton and her gardens in Willmar. The segment, "From Shade to Sun," airs tonight and is the first of several segments featuring gardens and markets in the region. (Tribune photos by Rand Middleton)

WILLMAR -- Pioneer Public Television's "Prairie Yard and Garden" program will feature three Tribune-area gardens and the Willmar Farmer's Market during its 2010 season.

The horticultural show is hosted by Larry Zilliox and produced by the University of Minnesota Morris in cooperation with Pioneer Public Television in Appleton. This is the 23rd season providing science-based gardening, landscaping and horticultural information to viewers throughout Minnesota and the upper Midwest.

The first show will be "From Shade to Sun" at 7:30 p.m. today and will focus on Donna Middleton's garden in Willmar. Storms, tree diseases and construction can damage shade trees and have lasting effects on your landscape. Middleton shares her experience of losing several mature shade trees.

"The Evolving Garden" will air on March 25 and feature Steve Cederstrom of Willmar as he discusses the changes he made to his yard over a nine-year period.

"Growing Dahlias" will air on April 1. Randy Siem, an award-winning dahlia grower from Litchfield, discusses with Zilliox the characteristics important to raising state fair winning dahlias.

"The Farmers Market" will air on April 8. This program features interviews with five individuals who have had a long experience with the Willmar Farmer's Market. With more than 50 vendors, it is one of the largest farmer's markets in west central Minnesota. It has an eclectic display of traditional country market produce, as well as specialty crops, meats, craft items, and canned and baked goods. Miriam Vandesteeg is featured on the history segment, regarding how she and her husband began the farmer's market in Willmar.

Prairie Yard and Garden airs at 7:30 p.m. Thursday and each episode is replayed at 4:30 p.m. the following Saturday.

Pioneer Public Television (KWCM) can be found over-the-air on digital channel 10.4. On Charter cable in Willmar it is on channel 12.