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Close Five easy ways to save money

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Making some slight adjustments to your weekend routine can save you some green.

Some chores typically done on weekends are necessary, but it's possible to tackle them for less money. And cutting your expenses doesn't have to cut your fun. It's a matter of finding less expensive ways to enjoy your days off work.

Here are some ideas for saving money on five common weekend activities.

Grocery shopping

The easiest way to save money on groceries is to shop "loss leaders." Loss leaders are products stores sell at a steep discount (usually a loss) to lure customers into the store. To find them, look at the grocery store circular's front page. That's where loss leaders are usually advertised. Plan your week's meals around those food items. If you can, combine a manufacturer's coupon with these store sales to increase your savings.

Also, shop with a list to avoid impulse purchases, and don't go to the store hungry.

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