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Belgrade, Minnesota, author releases sequel to ‘Jude’s Gentle Giants’

Les Graham shows his new book, “Surrendering The Reins." (Tribune photo by Carolyn Lange)

BELGRADE — “Surrendering The Reins” by Les Graham of New London is the sequel to his first book “Jude’s Gentle Giants” and continues the story of Jude Bonner and his Percherons, Pete and Joe.

Jude moves on from high school to face the challenges of life, love and loss. Jude learns to rely fully on God as he faces the joys and difficulties of adult life in his marriage, work and health.

Throughout it all, his horses, Pete and Joe, remain by his side as they pull the heaviest load ever.

Graham owns the main characters of this story, Pete and Joe, Percheron draft horses. The horses go to book signings and were trained by Graham, who has owned Percherons for 25 years.