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Close Works of art can bring about revelations

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I believe in the uniqueness, beauty and passion from an inspiring discovery. Open-mindedness and compassion are important values to me, even if it seems the world at large does not acknowledge or celebrate those values.

I revere the role of art and varied individual interests. Even though I haven't been to many art museums lately, I remember the impact that the arts made on me when I was younger. One impact work was a piece titled Man of Sorrows by Luis de Morales that I viewed at the Minneapolis Institute of Art.

Christ-like figures have been prevalent in works of art for at least the last 2,000 years. The images were meant to arouse interest in the word of the scriptures and to heighten beliefs about miracles, in essence. The implicit authority in the pieces were often meant to evoke feelings of reverence. Pictures of Christ were often framed within the context of divinity as a means to transfer the viewer from a passive state as a spectator to an active participant where the images were lucid, dynamic and poignant.

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