Acclaimed artist Terry Redlin dies after 9-year battle with dementia


Nationally acclaimed nature and Americana artist Terry Redlin died Sunday, April 24, at age 78 after a nine-year battle with dementia, the executive director of his art center said.

Redlin, who retired in 2007, sold more than a half million prints. The Redlin Art Center in Watertown opened in 1997.

From 1990 to 1999, through a poll of 500 national galleries, U.S. Art Magazine named Redlin "America's Most Popular Artist."

"We have welcomed millions of people throughout the art center, which is his gift back to his hometown," said Julie Ranum, the center's executive director. "We know that his art has touched millions. It's a terrible loss, but he has shared a great gift with all of us by leaving this incredible collection of art."