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Chelsea Handler and Tomi Lahren will face off in a live debate at Politicon

In what will surely be a highlight of this month's Politicon - the bipartisan convention known as the "Comic-Con for politics" - comedian and talk show host Chelsea Handler will square off against conservative commentator Tomi Lahren in a live debate.

Handler has consistently ranked among President Donald Trump's harshest celebrity critics, and she has drawn the ire of the president and his sons for her scathing remarks about their politics and personal lives.

Lahren, stationed squarely on the opposite end of the political spectrum, has sparked plenty of outrage herself - she rose to viral stardom after making videos decrying the Black Lives Matter movement as the "new KKK" and sharply criticizing NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick for his acts of peaceful protest.

Handler will steer the discussion, a Politicon representative told the Wrap: "She'll act as the host and essentially interview the guest (Tomi), and of course, she'll interject her signature wit and opinions into the conversation."

The showdown promises to be among the most anticipated events at Politicon, set for July 29-30 in Pasadena, California. Other prominent political types also will be on the scene, including CNN's Jake Tapper, political consultant James Carville and conservative pundit Ann Coulter.

Coulter was supposed to face off against Handler on her Netflix show "Chelsea" last fall, but the incendiary provocateur canceled her appearance at the last minute - a move that unleashed a flood of blistering condemnation from Handler.

Lahren, however, seems intent on following through: "Let's do this," she tweeted Wednesday afternoon.