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Letter: Tim Miller’s twisting the facts

I read Tim Miller’s letter in the July 18 edition, and if it wasn’t so scary it would be funny. He is typical Tea Party who twists the facts to fit his own agenda.

He reminds me of Ron Paul who has said he would bankrupt the U.S. and close it down before he would allow food stamps to continue. The big business money that supports him and the Tea Party moved all the factories to the Far East and are now crying about all the welfare in Detroit which they created when they moved their factories.

I was recently in Germany and every item I picked up said “Made in Germany.” We wonder why Germany has the No. 1 one economy in the Western world. Maybe it’s because the items in their stores say made in Germany, not China.

Tim Miller and the Tea Party twist facts so it is not big money’s fault that all the factories closed. They say it is the workers’ fault because they don’t want to live on poverty-level wages while the big money business owners that supply the Tea Party money say they can’t live on a million dollars a year. They can’t afford to pay a decent wage so they build factories in the Far East and pay them 50 cents an hour and say it’s not their fault they burn to death in factory fires or die of pollution from no rules on safety and that farmers don’t deserve a decent price for their goods.

I was dumb enough to vote for George W. Bush the first time but never again will I vote for the likes of the Tea Party that has no respect for the rights of women, don’t care about the poor or elderly, and figure that if you don’t have to work two jobs to survive you are overpaid.

Tim Miller proved that is what he believes over and over again by his fact-twisting letters.

Why do I feel that they sold out for a few pieces of silver just like 200-plus years ago.

Harlan Broers

Clara City