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Letter: Replying to three letters

There are three recent letters that I must reply to.

First is the one from the mayor of Olivia who admonished Willmar Mayor Frank Yanish for wanting to cut the $35,150 annual dues to the Coalition of Greater Minnesota Cities. I wonder why she didn’t acknowledge that she is on the CGMC board and may have a bias.

The second one implied that Franklin Roosevelt’s policies helped to end the Great Depression. Actually his socialist policies made the Depression much deeper and last a lot longer. To understand this all you need to do is read “Basic Economics” by Thomas Sowell. This book explains how socialist policies like Roosevelt practiced and like President Obama is implementing retards economic growth which causes the middle class to decline and keeps low-income people from moving up the economic ladder.

Conservative policies make the economy grow. For proof just look at the economic policies of JFK in the 1960s, Reagan’s in the ’80s and the Republican Congress’s in the ’90s. If policies like theirs had been implemented in 2009, we would have a much better economy and not have the lowest labor participation rate since the ’70s.

As for appointments to the DC Circuit of Appeals, this person complained about the Republicans filibustering nominations. She didn’t mention that the Democrats filibustered President Bush’s nominations to this same court. The Democrats broke the rules to change the more than 200-year-old rules, so that Obama can appoint really radical judges to the second most important court in America.

The third letter concerns increasing the minimum wage. Don’t forget that for every $1 increase in wages, the cost to the employer is about $1.18 but the wage earner only gets 70 cents after taxes. If minimum wage goes up then everyone else’s wages have to go up too. The businesses have to raise the cost of their product or service to reflect their increased cost and in many cases the wage earner, especially the ones at the bottom of the scale, actually have less purchasing power. The only entity that comes out ahead is the government.