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Letter: Government by the plutocrats

For those among us who hate government, the Tea Party members are providing us with exactly that. We had a taste of a complete government shutdown a few months ago that threw the country into something approaching complete anarchy, much to the distress and bewilderment of the electorate across our democracy. These unpatriotic patriots who deem themselves the saviors of the American dream of liberty and independence have not given up yet but still remain a powerful force for complete stalemate and non-action in the U.S. House of Representatives. Simply sabotage every bill up for consideration and their insidious purpose is being achieved.

Ironically, the original Tea Party staged the Boston affair because of taxation without representation. The current Tea Party rejects taxation of any kind. They are all rugged individualists who misguidedly believe that since they have pulled themselves up by their own bootstraps with no government assistance of any kind, then everyone else should be able to do the same or simply sink into abject poverty as they themselves reap a rich harvest of private wealth under the aegis of unbridled capitalism.

Any bill advanced for the common good is immediately trashed as socialism to ensure their unholy agenda, now a major part of the GOP platform. How blind can they be to the fact that all our laws for protection of our well-being and the common good have come directly from our duly elected lawmakers over the years?

An unhindered government by plutocrats that characterizes Third World countries is their ideal. And as the enormous gap between the rich and the poor in this country increases exponentially every day, this alone satisfies the cockles of their cold, cold hearts. Think Ebenezer Scrooge before his conversion and you have a perfect picture of their absolute scorn of government restrictions over the greed and graft that characterize so much of our present-day business practices. Alas for the rarity of Christian charity under the sun!