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Letter: A rational view of the mayor

Thank you, Joe Raines, for your rational letter in the Nov. 29 paper concerning Willmar Mayor Frank Yanish.

I have heard of him since the day after his election. On that day in Morris I heard of one of the very special interest groups in his community coming on strong for their many privileges, all of which cost everyone else money, if there would be cooperation there would be no trouble. It sounded like a visit from the mob.

Since then I have heard from many others with whom he does business and of course I read of city of Willmar issues in this paper. Through that I have never heard that he deals with others in shameful or disrespectful ways.

As guests were leaving my home this morning bound for Black Friday, one said that they were heading home through “Dysfunction Junction.” We were reminded that the recent meeting abandoned by the man counseling them to be effective indicated that two of the members of the council were intractable.

Yes, Mr. Raines, some people are so unpleasant that leaving the room may be one’s best option. Mayor Yanish was working in the group of four who were not disruptive.