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Letter: Perhaps EDC board member wishes to live in metro area

Upon reading Robert Enos’ letter to the editor, “Tell City Council to Cut EDC Reserves” in the Nov. 30 paper, I find myself thoroughly puzzled with his implied innuendos.

First, and foremost, I am puzzled by Enos’ opening insinuation that as he stated “ … the Kandiyohi County-City of Willmar Economic Development Commission has no business devoting resources to agricultural growth anymore.”

Wow. So according to Enos, the old business adage — to “Recognize and Build” on your strengths — should be changed to — “Disregard and Diminish.” It appears that Mr. Enos believes (or wishes) that he resides in a more metropolitan part of the state, rather than here in the heart of rural Minnesota that solidly has agriculture as its cornerstone.

Secondly, regarding his lone dissenting opinion on the EDC Operations Board to dismantle the financial support mechanisms that can energize economic growth, Enos alludes to the decision-makers of the EDC, the Joint Powers Board, insinuating that they are “ … led by members from the Board of County Commissioners.” He follows up by proposing that “ … the Willmar Council takes decisive action … ” to take up and support his unsupported opinion, thus defunding the city’s portion of obligated financial support of the EDC.

Again, I am puzzled as to why he doesn’t acknowledge the fact that the decision-making Joint Powers Board of the EDC is equally represented by three Willmar City Councilmen that, along with the three Kandiyohi County Commissioners, have unanimously supported the EDC’s 2014 Budget as well as its positioning of reserves. For this fact, I continue to be puzzled as to why the Willmar City Council would disregard their three council representatives on the Joint Powers Board, along with supportive recommendations by the other city representatives on the Operations Board, to even consider a single individual’s rogue and ill-supported agenda.

Finally, it is most puzzling as to how Enos, an individual with an obviously divisive, short-sighted agenda, could have been appointed to such an open-minded, forward thinking cooperative body of the County-City EDC Operations Board.