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Letter: Vote no on MACCRAY project

When major repairs are necessary for a school or a business, the thing to do would be to get more than just one estimate. A second estimate has been provided by Lightowler Johnson Associates, courtesy of the cities of Maynard and Raymond. At a public meeting, the School Board indicated it wasn’t interested in a second opinion, even though the costs shown were substantially lower.

How did we get into this position in the first place? How do we know that any new construction will be maintained responsibly? The buildings in all three towns are about the same age; however the senior high building in Clara City was recently improved for $8 million in repairs by the School Board using primarily health and safety dollars, which did not require voter approval. Why is there any objection to fixing the Raymond and Maynard buildings the same way? What is the rush? It has been proven that better decisions are made when we take our time and plan it out.

The proposed new concept includes a community center, community kitchen, and day care facility. All three communities already have community centers and day cares. How many do we need? Are we taking away from the local businesses if a day care is built? If we have community facilities in the building, that portion would have to be heated and or cooled seven days a week. Doesn’t that go against the thought of being responsible and saving money? Why would we want just anyone coming and going from our schools? We want our kids to be safe. I see too many liabilities with this plan.

In closing, I would like to point out the recent drawings provided by the School Board that their new plan involves a second level. This will involve an elevator for handicap accessibility and requires maintenance and inspections yearly. Their track record is poor at best with maintenance. My home is as old as the schools in Clara City, Maynard and Raymond. I wouldn’t tear it down and start over. Don’t be fooled by urgency and misinformation. Vote no on Jan. 7.