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Letter: The truth on school lunches in Willmar

Thursday morning I read an article in the West Central Tribune about lunches being taken away from kids in school.

I would like to say that Wednesday, I was in school at the Willmar Senior High and I watched a lunch lady take the lunch right out of a boy’s hands after he typed his code in to pay for it. She told him, “You have no money to pay for this.” She then put his lunch on the tray rack behind her and looked at the next kid in line to pay. He stood in front of the whole line of students and the embarrassment was obvious on his face. I was standing right there and I watched him walk away ashamed.

I stepped out of line and told the lunch lady, “I am going to pay for his lunch.” I typed my code in and brought him his lunch tray. I gave him his meal and said, “Here, you can have it back.”

It was unfair for her to do that to him. It embarrassed him in front of our class. I have seen this happen many times, but I had to stand up this time because I felt embarrassed for him.

Our school says they don’t take meals away from kids when they can’t pay, when in fact they do. It is unfair that he had his meal taken away from him. I just wanted you to know the truth from a student who witnessed this happen.

Maddie Stenglein


Article: Willmar student saw another’s lunch taken away, bought it for him