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Letter: Parents, be part of the solution

Parenting is an awesome responsibility. After reviewing and reflecting on the recent articles and editorials regarding school lunch issues, I feel challenged to write this letter. It is with a compassionate heart I am encouraging parents (myself included) to reflect on modeling. Parents, we have multiple opportunities to teach our children; one of the most powerful tools is our actions, modeling.

Schools are very willing to work with families of all income levels to address a variety of concerns including connections to resources, referrals to specialists, and payment plans for things such as participation fees and school lunches. If your child’s lunch account is at a deficit, please contact the school principal, the school social worker, your child’s teacher, or the food service manager. The school desires to work with you. Be an active part of the solution.

As you visit with school personnel and create a plan, you will be modeling problem-solving, communication, responsibility, and resourcefulness. These skills are vital to our children’s livelihood in the 21st century. We, parents, are our children’s first and most important teacher.

Sally Belgum-Blad