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Letter: Another student’s lunch pulled

I am writing about school meals. This is a frustrating issue for me. I would have a hard time agreeing that only eight meals have been thrown away as I know of two instances myself plus the one written about in the paper.

A lot of the problem has to do with the school district not combining meal accounts. I have 3 kids in this school district and was told by email that I had a low meal account balance.

They don’t tell you which account. I found out one had $23, another had $55 and one had no balance.

Why can’t these be charges be drawn out of one account?

So the student with no balance was refused lunch. When sending in a payment of $100 the office divides out the money. Do they check everyone’s balance or just dump it in?

When my student’s lunch was thrown I had no notification, and the other two accounts had more than $40 each. I called the school and was told this is how it is done; they throw it. I can understand it might be an issue if a lunch account has been in the negative many times and never gets caught up.

But this has never happened in our household. If the accounts were combined this would cut down on a lot of issues. My kids have said that very rarely have they seen a peanut butter sandwich and milk offered in the high school when a meal is taken away.

I say they would rather waste the meal and money, embarrass the kid, until payment is sent in. I know I speak for many on this issue. as it has been a topic of discussion amongst friends prior to the article.

I know of several people who do not want to give out checking/savings info for the automatic payments. They just need a little reminder.

Kristine Schueler Willmar