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Letter: Reasons to be happy now

Thank you to the West Central Tribune for its wonderful feature article on the Serrano family’s restaurant, Azteca (“Their dream now a reality,” Feb. 25 issue of the paper).

These folks make wonderful downtown neighbors, and their food is delicious too!

West central Minnesota is becoming somewhat of a culinary paradise.

We are already blessed with Café Persepolis for Middle Eastern food, Golden Palace for Chinese food and Timeless Traditions for real French bakery treats.

Soon we will have Bello Cucino in Spicer for real Italian food (coming this spring, I believe).

For grocery stores, we now have Teal’s Market in Spicer (kind of a junior Lund’s or Byerly’s). Aldi’s will be opening soon (it is a German supermarket with a tremendous line of groceries at unbelievably low prices).

Even Mills Auto will have competition now that Schwieters Chevrolet has purchased Roth Chevrolet, so let us be happy this springtime!

George Hulstrand Jr.