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Letter: Solutions for school crowding

Once again we are talking about building a new elementary school, to help ease crowding. My first suggestion was to take one of the old buildings still owned by the school district, demolish it, and build the new school on that site.

Then I saw that some of those buildings don’t have any parking lot. To build a new school on that site would take up all the available space. Plus space will be needed to accommodate buses. That would mean that some faculty members would have to park four to five blocks away.

Recently, a friend of mine, who is a teacher, made a suggestion that makes better sense. Build a new middle school out where the high school is. There’s already ample parking available, plus room for more. There are also practice fields available.

Then convert the current middle school to an elementary school. Now the only problem that remains is finding a presidential name to use.

Kent Syverson