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Letter: Making the moral decision

Susan Estrich’s column on April 6 on abortion was on Roe v. Wade. The most telling part was “as someone who has been a law professor for 33 years, I can promise you that we in the legal profession are no more qualified to make medical decisions than doctors are to provide legal advice.”

The medical profession knows that at 21 days from conception, a human heart begins to beat. At 42 days the brain has divided into three parts; one experiences emotion and understands language, one is for hearing and one for sight. By 56 days the baby is well-proportioned, every organ is present, kidneys function, all in the size of a thumb.

Legal decisions, medical decisions, human decisions are not always moral decisions. Is this the reason the fight against abortion is still waged 40 years after Roe v. Wade?

Charles Volz