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Letter: Hard questions on abortion

No one likes abortion, and everyone has their opinion, but the bottom line comes down to the mother and the reasons why she chooses to abort a fetus. First of all, you need to walk a mile in her shoes before passing judgment. A woman has a right, and a say on what she decides to do with her body, and like it or not, the decision is hers.

Religion cannot play a part in this, because not everyone has religious beliefs, and should never be subject to someone else’s religious beliefs or values. What is also troubling is there seems to be more concern about the fetus, but after birth the child is on its own.

Just ask some Republicans who go out of their way to slash social programs. Why are some so concerned more for the fetus than the child after birth?

When abortion was illegal, many women died from back-alley abortions, and mainly the wealthy could leave the state to have abortions performed in countries where it is legal. No one wants to hear the dark side of this issue: unwanted babies left in trash cans, or on church and hospital steps.

Let’s talk about the abuses that left babies dead, such as substance abuse. State facilities are overcrowded, yet why is it those looking to adopt children choose to adopt overseas?

There are currently 13 million children in this county in poverty, a number that is hard to come to terms with, especially in a country as great as the U.S., and as wealthy. We pump billions into our national defense, and billions more in tax breaks for corporations, and as a result we cut from the social programs.

Raising families on a minimum wage requires both parents to work, or one parent to work two jobs. Some politicians cannot separate religion from state, which also causes issues in this country. This is why we live in America, and if you don’t like American laws or the Constitution, you are free to live elsewhere.

Joe Raines